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Webinar: Design For Cars As Collaborative Robots

According to Forbes Magazine, collaborate robots (or cobots, for short) are “the latest generation of robotic systems, and they are intended to work alongside humans.” Cobots have emerged at the intersection of artificial intelligence, mechatronics and funny dog videos. There’s a great spectrum of possible futures for cobots, from utopian to dystopian. And it’s exactly this tension that makes cobots so interesting for designers.
However, according to Wolfgang Klein, Lead UX Designer from Star, there are still very few successful cobots out there. In an in-depth article published this year, Wolfgang Klein shared five principles that helped him design cobots better.

In a free-to-attend webinar, Wolfgang Klein addresses the question, how cobots can contribute to making the automotive experiences safer, and more productive and rewarding.

In the webinar Design For Cars As Collaborative Robots you will learn how to:

  • Leverage UX to disperse fears of artificial intelligence
  • Use Industrial and Motion Design to shape a life-like character
  • Craft new interactions between humans and robotic companions
  • Envision new mental models for self-driving cars
  • Fuse your brand and service ecosystem into a coherent personality

About Wolfgang Klein:

Wolfgang Klein has specialized in Robotics and IoT since his Master studies in Zurich (in collaboration with Philips Design) and Chicago (being awarded a full-time Fulbright scholarship).

Today, he has more than a decade’s worth of experience as a global design consultant and researcher, including work with numerous Fortune 500 enterprises. With a knack for storytelling, Wolfgang has designed mobility services for the automotive and aviation industries, consumer drones, e-bikes and e-car startups — with multiple patents pending for robotic in-car companions in the United States. In his private life, Wolfgang is proudest of having crossed the Alps on foot, founding a start-up for traditional fruit brandies, and writing children’s fiction.