If we receive personal data from you we will process and use it in accordance with the applicable national and European regulations relating to data protection. You will find detailed information in our Data Protection Statement.


I agree that the we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH may use my email address also to send me newsletters and promotional material relating to their company. If I have disclosed my personal phone number offers may also be brought to my attention by phone. The products which are the subject of the promotional material can include, for example, events such as seminars or conventions, specialist periodicals and books, technical web portals and e-learning programs as well as corporate services such as market research or lead campaigns.

In some instances we.CONECT conducts campaigns in conjunction with third parties. If I make my data available in the context of one of these campaigns, my data may be passed to the party with whom we.CONECT is cooperating for this campaign. When working with we.CONECT, these third parties are called “sponsors” or “partners”. The party with whom we.CONECT is cooperating may use my data for the promotion of their products.

If I retrieve third party offerings from the Internet portals of we.CONECT, for example by downloads or streaming services, I agree that these third parties may receive my data to approach me for promotional purposes by email as well as for the purpose of market research and opinion surveys relating to the products which I viewed. On each occasion the third party is identified in the offering (e.g. as the author of the white paper) and may use my data to promote his products.

Depending on which of our services you use, we.CONECT collects different information. we.CONECT uses this information to send you editorial content and additional content based on your interests. This information may, for example, be your activities on our web-pages, your interaction with social media platforms (e.g. Facebook), your IP address, information from registration forms and other practical features. You will find more precise information on this point in our Data Protection Statement.

I agree that we.CONECT may use this information so that they can send me specific proposals.

Right of withdrawal:

You may withdraw this consent at any time with effect for the future. To do so, just feel free to contact us via [email protected]