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Report on the Car HMI Europe 2018 - by Peter Rössger, beyond HMI/////

Peter Rössger is founder of beyond HMI///// and an integral part of the Car HMI Europe community. He created a paper reporting all the keynotes and presentations held at the Car HMI Europe in Berlin. The meeting was conducted with about 300 participants at the Titanic Hotel Berlin - all statements listed below were made by the speakers of the Automotive HMI community. This article only shows a few examples, download the full report to read all remarks and findings.

Background, Markets and Trends

  • User experience (UX) steers user perception (joy of use, desirable, attractiveness, trust). Usability steers user performance (effective, efficient, usable). Both build user satisfaction
  • “UX encompasses all aspects of the end-user interaction, with the company, it’s services and products…” Donald Norman
  • A product or service with great UX is usable, feasible, and valuable
  • User interaction is all about shaping the relationship between humans and their environment
  • UX is the crucial identity of the automotive future
  • Megatrends influencing the automotive industry are: digital lifestyle, electrification, autonomy, sharing economy (remark: is see others as well: urbanization, aging societies, health, safety, …)

Processes and Tools

  • A successful HMI/UX development requires a holistic view on the customers’ lives: habits on mobility, eating, digital lifestyles, living in megacities
  • A complete UX innovation practice involves: research on in vehicle UX and UX strategies to support product planning, consumer sentiment analytics, and product evaluation
  • Align with what you want to do and what not, apply the IS/IS NOT tool, create a mission to be different, an aspiration to make a promise, identify concrete benefits, and result in an innovative product, be unique, advantageous, and essential, create myths, rites, and signs for your vision
  • A modern automotive HMI process is human centric and applies user journey, storyboard, identification of requirements, concept, visual design, prototyping, testing, feedback into development
  • Modern HMI development avoid waterfall processes, agile approaches with incremental deliveries are the trend
  • The quality of an HMI needs to be measured. Criteria for a valid measurement procedure are: clear, specific, normalized, comparable, has an impact. The metric will be as unique as businesses are.

Products and Technologies

  • The new Ford Focus has a new HMI solution. It is based on a human centric, low clutter design and sold worldwide. Cluster and HUD focus on driving related information, the content can be adapted to personal use cases. The steering wheel gives control to the driver by a reduced number of input devices and a driver-oriented grouping. The infotainment system allows effortless connectivity, it uses an old HMI paradigm by having two rotary knobs. The driver assistance systems are easy to use, the 360° function integrated various driver assistance systems. The global requirements are: covering the broadest spectrum of mid-size car users, simplified design, intuitive driving experience
  • The MBUX contains cutting edge design thinking, multimodality and has no limits to realize a unique UX. The HMI is easy to use, multimodal, intuitive, and personal. It contains benchmark connectivity, best possible graphics and artificial intelligence. It is part of the Internet of Things and contains natural speech interaction for most languages
  • To gain UX emotion needs to be added to usability. Possible technologies are: haptic surfaces, holography, virtual reality, user stare and health measurements, caring technology, embodiment, empathic convenience, artificial and emotional intelligence in the HMI
  • An understanding between car and driver is required, co-learning, co-driving, co-mmunicating
  • 70% of users turn ADAS systems off due to a poor initial experience

The full report including all insights and graphics is available for download. Please find the download button below to access your report:

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