Mobility Reinvented:
Connected Carsharing as a New Business Model for OEMs

Greater connectivity is reinventing customers’ interactions with vehicles and presenting OEMs with an opportunity to move into the profitable (and adjacent) transportation and mobility markets. With an array of public transportation options plus e-hailing and carsharing services, even the most avid drivers are abandoning their wheels in favor of multi-modal journeys.
The good news is that OEMs already have the prerequisites to triumph in the MaaS sector: embedded connectivity, decreasing costs of electrified vehicles, and major breakthroughs in autonomous driving.

This whitepaper shares how an interplay of these trends is shaping the shared mobility market and laying the foundations for the MaaS platforms of the future.

Key topics in this paper:

The new consumer philosophy: on-demand mobility over ownership. Meet the average carsharing consumer
Who is in the driver’s seat? Comparative analysis of OEMs’ carsharing and MaaS offerings
Key tech partners for shared mobility services
Connected carsharing – the necessary foothold for MaaS