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SCALEUP 360° Automotive AI: The First Digital Event on Level +5 Automation

we.CONECT is launching the first ever digital event on Level +5 automation: SCALEUP 360° Automotive AI will be taking place 11-12 February 2019.

The event offers 12 live webinars and case studies over the course of two days on deep driving, imaging, computer vision, sensor fusion and perception in Level +5 automation. Participants can interact with the speakers and other attendees in live Q&A’s during the webinars and discuss automotive tech innovation challenges and solutions in real-time – right from their desk.

ScaleUp 360 Automotive AI topics:

Sensor Fusion Technology – How to merge sensor data to perceive the whole environment around the vehicle?
Innovating Lidar – Which technologies enable cost-effective and powerful Lidar sensors?G
How testing & validation tools for autonomous vehicles and its software systems accelerate the race for autonomous driving
Scaling autonomous driving globally – How advanced machine learning & simulation technologies enable self-driving cars under all conditions and in all locations
Enabling perception with next gen maps – How HD maps reduce hardware requirements in autonomous vehicles
Correlating mapping and sensor data to build border-to-border models of the road
Realizing deep learning in cars – what is needed to go beyond machine learning (More processing power, accurate training data, safety)?
From Sensing to Planning – the 4 different stages of vehicle intelligence and their challenges
Making autonomous vehicles fit – which tools facilitate gathering training data from simulations?
Computer Vision & Edge Computing in Level 5 Automation

The SCALEUP 360° Automotive AI will be supported by a variety of different speakers.

Here are just some of the highlights that await us in February:

Artificial Intelligence for Self-Driving Cars: Opportunities & Technologies - Audi, Tech Lead Compute Hardware and AI, Florian Netter, AID
5G Edge Computing : a key technology enabler for Autonomous Driving - Renault, Innovation Lead, Eric Perraud
Machine Learning for functional safety - coping with situations vehicles were not programmed for - Hella, Head of the Safety Platform Group, Rafal Dorociak

Join us when automotive decision makers and leading technical professionals present their challenges, experiences and solutions in integrating latest technologies needed to deep dive into Level +5 automation. For more information on the agenda, our partners and online registration, visit our website at

11 - 12 February 2019 | Digital Event