The 2019 ScaleUp 360° Auto Vision was a huge success – we brought together more than 250 attendees, speakers and business partners from different industries over 2 days with 10 webinar case studies. In case you missed the live sessions or you would like to rewatch the webinar presentations please find the webinar recordings below.

Webinar recordings

Day 1: October, 17 2019

The Art of AI-based HD map making and maintenance

Alessio Colombo| R&D Manager Software Engineering (AI) | TomTom
Vincent Demuynck | Sr Product Marketeer | TomTom

Building fail-operational systems for autonomous driving

Eric Schmidt | Director Lead Engineering & Safety | TTTech Auto

Machine Learning-Based Stereo Vision Algorithm for Surround View Fisheye Cameras

Tokihiko Akita | Project Research Fellow @ Research Center for Smart Vehicles | Toyota Technological Institute

Ramps, maps and IoT – The challenges of scaling automated valet parking

Peter Kovacs | Chief Product Officer | AImotive

Advanced System Design for Automotive Mirror-Replacement with Camera Monitor Systems

Prof. Dr. Anestis Terzis | Head of Institute – Institute of Communication Technology | Ulm University of Applied Sciences

What do platforms that simulate autonomous driving realistically and reliably look like?

David Mear | Business Development Manager EMEA | VIRES

Day 2: October, 18 2019

Reliable data fusion in autonomous driving by means of statistical modelling of deep learning systems

Tudor Nicosevici | Head of ADAS Advanced Engineering Romania | Continental

Solution Study: Data Fusion Development for Series Production

Dr. Marcel Markgraf | Head of Business Development | Baselabs GmbH

End-to-End 3D-PointCloud Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving

Mohammed Abdou | Senior Algorithms Engineer & Deep Learning Researcher | Valeo

Simulation Driven Innovation for an Autonomous Future

Sandeep Sovani | Director Global Automotive Industry | ANSYS